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FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does a remanufactured workstation compare to a new one?
Our remanufactured product is indistinguishable from brand new. So good, in fact, that we stand behind every project with a full warranty on parts and labor. You can be sure of the quality because we remanufacture the best names in the business, including Herman Miller and Haworth. The result is quality name brand office furniture with the look, feel, and function of brand new. To ensure our high standards of quality, every step of the remanufacturing process is performed in-house, in our state-of-the-art facility.

Our average prices are substantially less than new. The conservation of energy and natural resources means that our office furniture can be remanufactured for less than it costs to build new product. This savings is passed along to you!

What about quality control standards?
Creative Office President, Sharon Duffy spent two years on the Quality Standards Committee of the Business Products Industry Association's (BPIA) Office Furniture Recyclers Forum developing guidelines for the entire office furniture recycling industry. Her leadership is reflected in our commitment to the highest standards in the industry.

Our mission today is to be the best remanufacturer of systems furniture, and provide the best quality furniture and services in the country. By upholding our uncompromised standards we guarantee our materials, craftsmanship, service, support and processes to be of the highest quality. All of our product is backed by a full warranty, and we expect to complete ISO 9001 certification in the very near future.

How does purchasing remanufactured furniture affect the environment?
remanufacturing is recycling at its best! Thousands of pieces of office furniture either end up in landfill or sit in storage. Recycling this furniture with new fabric, paint, and laminate makes it possible to furnish an office by reusing rather than replacing.

What about customer service after installation?
We're committed to meeting all your furniture needs, today . . . . . . and tomorrow!

We won't disappear when the job is done!
We feel the key to our success has been customer satisfaction and feedback. We have our own delivery, installation, and service representatives on each of your projects, working directly with you at the time of installation, to complete each project to your satisfaction. Our post-installation punch list and evaluation guarantee proper function and appearance of your systems furniture for the life of the product. In addition, each of our clients receive a Customer Response Card in the mail after the completion of each project. This is another way we monitor the potential to increase our service and product efficiency.



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