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Strategic Facilities Planning

Creative Office has a facilities/project management department created to assist you with Strategic Facilities Planning services. SFP starts with the assessment of present day office conditions. This information is used to intelligently plan the optimum usage and space efficiencies that you may foresee changing throughout the life of your company. SFP develops a wants/needs list, defines suitable real estate requirements and then configures your company operations to support the work flow within the space. The last step is to develop a projection of the potential growth of the company. A comprehensive plan will provide for space options into adjacent properties and the identification of departments likely to expand. The useful output of Strategic Facilities Planning are:

Move Tracking

A move scenario may involve a single move or interim moves depending upon the logistics. Complete move

orders including component sourcing, rebuild priorities, employee move orders and tel/comm changes can be generated in written and diagrammatic form.

Asset Management & Inventory

All furniture and equipment, including leased office equipment, can be detailed on a per floor basis. Asset valuation, condition and remaining useful life will be presented in summary form. Excess furniture and equipment can be inventoried and valued with recommendations for off site storage, reuse, trade-in, sale or disposal. Any future changes are planned using the available resources.

Budget Development

Budgets may be developed for the anticipated move, new furniture expense, office build-out and/or future operating expenses. This may also include the evaluation of present and future expense conditions with their associated impact on planned growth.

Vendor and Contractor Coordination

Some companies may need assistance at the tenant improvement phase of leasehold negotiations. This may include the coordination of team members, scheduling and communication with management, assistance with vendor/contractor selection, implementation, and coordination.

Construction Management Services

Creative Office offers construction management services for small and large-scale build-outs. A project manager is assigned to act as the Owner’s Representative to the contractors and architect. The intent is to provide turnkey construction management services to include coordination or consultation in the following areas:

  • Bid specification and review
  • Project timetables
  • Construction supervision/coordination
  • Progress reporting regarding adherence to schedules
  • Recommended building system and utility upgrades.
  • Installation of interior finishes
  • Installation of furniture systems
  • Installation and certification of Tel/Comm systems

Code Consultation Services

There are a variety of codes, regulations and technical requirements that enter into any new space plan considerations. These issues may include:

  • Electrical service requirements and wiring instructions for your electrical contractor
  • Communications wiring referral to subcontractors
  • Workstation ergonomics
  • Fire code regulations including access and egress requirements
  • Retroactive ADA requirements and their trigger points
  • Title 24 requirements, in the case of office renovation
  • Local issues and concerns

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