rental and leasing options

Leasing & Rental Options
For your convenience, we have pre-arranged lease packages, usually approved within 48 hours. Our in-stock inventory of office furniture is available for rent on a monthly basis.

Furniture by Creative OfficeBuy Back/ Trade in
We are continually looking for quality used systems furniture. If you have surplus office furniture inventory, we can turn it into cash for your company or you can trade it in for newly remanufactured product designed and specified to meet your requirements.

Asset Banking
You can deposit furniture into our Banking Program and use it as a checking account. You receive credit for the value of your furniture based on current list price. When you're ready to reconfigure your office and a credit amount has been established, you can withdraw a portion or all of your banked furniture credit, paying a small fee for remanufacturing. You get like-new workstations that come with a full warranty. It's that simple.

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