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Furniture by Creative Office Custom designed Recycled/ Remanufactured Systems furniture is delivered in just 4-6 weeks from the date of your order. Our design professionals, working with quality fabric, surface materials and other finishes, will provide you with the most functional and creatively designed workspace solutions. You'll save thousands of dollars when purchasing quality Recycled/Remanufactured Systems furniture from Creative Office.

Our remanufactured product is indistinguishable from brand new. So good, in fact, that we stand behind every project with a full warranty on parts and labor. You can be sure of the quality because we remanufacture the best names in the business, including Herman Miller and Haworth. The result is quality name brand office furniture with the look, feel, and function of brand new. To ensure our high standards of quality, every step of the remanufacturing process is performed in-house, in our state-of-the-art facility.

Our average prices are substantially less than new. The conservation of energy and natural resources means that our office furniture can be remanufactured for less than it costs to build new product. This savings is passed along to you!

Advantages of Remanufactured/Recycled Systems Furniture

Design Flexibility
Remanufacturing provides the ultimate in flexibility! Choose from hundreds of available fabrics, finishes, custom sizes and shapes. Old and new products can easily be harmonized.

Cost Savings
Recycled/Remanufactured Systems furniture offers 65-80% savings off of manufacturer's list price. It is an economical way to upgrade and update your work environment.

Remanufacturing is recycling at its best! It provides one of the best opportunities to upgrade office environments while reusing rather than discarding. Fabric, foam, and framing materials are put to good use and landfills are spared.

Delivery & Installation
Our experienced Delivery & Installation Department prides themselves on personalized customer service. Whether you're moving, reconfiguring, or creating new space we can handle all the details. Our clean, quiet professionals have extensive experience with most major brands, assuring that all your furniture is properly handled and installed. Flexible service hours are available for your convenience to help reduce down time. Furniture removal and installation can be done with no interruption to your daily operations. Cleaning and maintenance services are also available to help prolong the life and appearance of your office furniture for as long as you own it.


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