Our goal is to assist with your interior acoustical requirements when designing a new facility or correcting the acoustical problems with an existing location and we look forward to working with you and assisting with your acoustical needs.

The Following is a list of some of the services that we provide our clients:

  • Provide customized solutions to the client’s specific acoustical needs
  • Improve speech privacy in the open plan office areas
  • Provide a sound masking system that meets UL2572 specifications
  • Reduce background noise to make facilities more productive
  • Acoustical review and recommendations for speech privacy
  • Control conversational noise sound transfer between offices and conference rooms
  • Consult with hospitals, & health providers to determine solutions for their HIPAA, Oral Privacy, compliance concerns
  • Work directly with the architect and design community in the planning of acoustical requirements for projects.
  • Provide CAD drawings for early stages of facility planning
  • Provide solutions for reverberation in conference rooms and lobbies
  • Assist corporations to establish acoustical standards
  • Work directly with clients to provide a complete acoustical solution to the corporate environment
  • Provide information that evaluates acoustical requirements, provides recommended solutions, and predetermined results
  • Work with hotels to eliminate the transfer of noise between rooms and assist in the elimination of external intrusive noises being transferred to the guest rooms.
  • Assist Financial Institutions in achieving confidentially requirements to comply with the GLB Act.
  • Provide MNEC solutions for your building or campus