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Perhaps the greatest challenge in specifying acoustic panels lies in the diversity of environments they are used within. Each architectural typology brings with it different auditory conditions that need to be addressed with exactly the right product.
Wood panels are a classic design choice, but because they are so solid, they can create a reverberant space that can be distracting or just downright noisy. Ecoustic® Veneer panels solve this problem. By using acoustic panels covered in a thin real-wood veneer, architects and interior designers can create spaces with the elegance of wood cladding combined with the functionality of proper acoustic performance.

When installed directly on the wall, these panels absorb 80% of incoming sound. The panels can be specified with either a solid surface or with micro perforations. The two different options have slightly different acoustic properties; the small perforations do well in combating high-frequency sound reflections while the solid surfaces abate low frequencies.

Perhaps you’re an architect looking for an art wall to provide unique character within a space, but you also need acoustic absorption. In this scenario, AcousticGrafx™ can provide a hybrid solution to achieve both design objectives. AcousticGrafx provides a versatile canvas for designers to achieve dramatic visuals, impactful branding or impressive graphics while at the same time providing significantly enhanced acoustic benefits for most any space. Changing your graphic design or message can be done easily and quickly on the fly! AcousticGrafx achieves a .80 NRC rating.

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