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We offer many options for Open Office Panels and Screens from some of the best manufactures around the world and this vision for the workplace is now shared and demanded by today’s forward thinking architects, interior designers and users. Whether you’re looking for acoustics, aesthetics or privacy screens we can provide solutions for any environment.

Loftwall manufactures room dividers and privacy partitions for commercial and residential spaces. Their vision of the workplace and the complex challenges of open office design guided him to create a revolutionary product line ranging from the Loftwall to WEB, WAVE and more.

A vision so simple yet powerful gives users highly adaptive and acoustical solutions to configure, reconfigure and easily move spaces to embrace the unique ways each organization works differently. All done with a highly aesthetic design that is derived from Bauhaus roots of simplicity and minimalism. Today the concept for flexible workspaces is shared by Silicon Valley startups and companies like Apple and Google who demand absolute performance from their environments. Loftwall has given designers new horizons with space management, privacy and environmental division.

ezoBord is a highly adaptable acoustical panel material made with recycled water bottles. ezoBord is flexible, decorative, moldable, tackable, sound dampening and super easy to install.
The evolution of high-performance acoustic material it is flexible, lightweight, easy to install and cost-effective. Sound absorption with endless creative possibilities. In any shape. In any space.
To help in the lifecycle of this plastic product, we’ve chosen to manufacture our material so that it recycles these PET bottles. We’re doing our part to reduce the waste. This acoustical and tackable material is made from PET bottles in a zero-waste process with postindustrial recycling. An environmentally friendly, sustainable and waste reduced alternative to traditional acoustical/tackable material that looks great in any office, education or open space installation. Available in

ICF Group offers a multitude of solutions. Scala floor screens made from compressed felt fabric on a molded sound-absorbing polyester core. They are available in six standard colors and are 100% recyclable. The Airbloom hanging panel series, Nature, with its shifting seasons and multitude of forms, is the source of inspiration for Abstracta’s Airbloom’s design. Dynamic visual spaces that produce an improved soundscape are achieved by using Airbloom. These modules are made from molded felt fiber. The modules are assembled in pattern using plastic clips and are fixed to an aluminum rail for installation on the ceiling or on the wall. The degree of sound absorption provided by Airbloom is determined by how the modules are combined.

Bits Wall can be combined to create different pattern formations. The use of a triangular shape not only produces an aesthetically attractive look, but also diffuses sound, which produces a richer acoustic room environment. Bits Wall sound absorbent panels are made from molded polyester fiber that is covered with fabric in a choice of 6 color-ways. Panels can be hung either horizontally or vertically thereby offering the flexibility to create both symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns. Bits Wall panels have an NRC of .85.

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