WELLNESS: Workplace productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention are all linked to physical health and wellbeing that are conducive to greater creativity, productivity and success.

CONNECTING people to nature within the Office place.  Research shows that access to nature, plants, and sunlight decrease stress and have an impact on mental health.

PLANTS and LIVING WALLS:  Consider taking the office outdoors! Plants improve air quality and add color and incorporating biophilia to the office helps to relieve stress, improves cognitive health and increased job satisfaction.

NATURAL COLORS and ELEMENTS: Employees who work in environments with natural elements reported a 13 percent higher level of wellbeing and are eight percent more productive overall. Use all natural materials wherever possible.

NOISE: Whether it’s noisy phone calls or constant interruptions, most of us have been victims of the open office. We’re 15% less productive and we have immense trouble concentrating.  Ask us about Acoustic Solutions.

CREATING BALANCE:  Create a variety and balance of workspace types by incorporating private offices, conference rooms, training rooms, open office zones, collaboration areas, break rooms, phone rooms, sleep rooms and green spaces.

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